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•   John Stonebridge  24/9
•   Ian Kerwick  2/9
•   Christopher Konza  31/8
•   Victor Vatner (Teacher)  28/4
•   Lyn Byrne (Trevena)  25/4
•   Rhonda Cornish (Amos)  25/4
•   Annette Garvey  25/4
•   Kathy Hayward  2/3
•   Robert Turnbull  29/12
•   Belinda Totman  21/10
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11 live in Australian Capital Territory
76 live in New South Wales
1 lives in Northern Territory
13 live in Queensland
1 lives in Western Australia
141 live in Australia
1 lives in Hong Kong
138 location unknown


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Welcome to the Canobolas High School

 Year 10 Class Of 1980 website


For all students who attended CHS Orange, NSW

 Year 7 in 1977 through to Year 12 in 1982


* * *

The Canobolas Rural Technology High School is 50

20th and 21st May 2017

School Tours and Historical Displays

      Saturday: 12:30pm – 4:30pm

      Sunday: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Celebratory Dinner

Orange Function Centre at 6pm on Saturday evening.  Tickets available from the school office (63621677) for $60 each

* * *

To register, choose 'Classmate Profiles' in the left column, find your name and follow the onscreen directions.

 We need to find as many class mates as we can before the next reunion

Please help us out by getting email or postal addresses for those not on this site yet.

Please register even if you are not able to make the reunion - so we know that you know.

* * *

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 Does anybody have Roll class photo 9-9 ?

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"Hi Classmates, if you're ever in Orange at Christmas time, we are having yearly drinks at Kellys Hotel

 We need to get in touch and stay in touch. Come along and say hello! We would LOVE to see you. Spread the word, see you there. :)

Have a look at our photos of the reunion weekend, we had a ball! The weekend went so fast as we packed in a lot, wish we had a whole week but some of us were exhausted and on a high just with the one night. Those who were unsure about coming were so happy that they came. xo"

Kathy Hayward 





Other sites of interest


Article: Ex-students reflect on old school days


For further information contact one of the Committee Members:-

 Kathy Hayward Taylor

Ian Barnes

Garry McKay

Glenn Turner

Darryl Wright








To all,

I wish you all a very good reunion, with many more to come. Sorry that I cannot be present as I would love to have been, but work is very busy and not able to attend. Lets keep this site going, to allow us all to keep in contact, this is a very good.

Take Care


John Stonebridge


I would like to say;

To Kathy and all the crew who put the time and effort in to make the reunion happen.

THANK YOU to all the people who said hello to me at the Reunion, I really didn't expect that many people to remember me.

THANK YOU to Mother Earth for allowing us all the ability to come together.

I would like to say;
SORRY: to the people who I didn't get a chance to chat with, (The night went too quick for me)
Sorry: to anybody if I came across as anything but friendly.

I am feeling a bit like I missed a boat, because I didn't get the opportunity to do the rounds of the tables on the night.

So with that said, I had a great time catching up, considering how quickly it went.

I plan to do things a little different if I make the next one, (In 5 years, lol) or 10 years.

I honestly believe I had no enemies at school and you are all welcome to to visit me at my studio if you are ever in Dubbo with a few minutes to spare.

I WISH FOR YOU ALL: the very best in your future ventures, as well as Health and Happiness for you and your loved ones.

Sincere Regards


Hi to all

What a great night had by all at the Reunion , hope to keep in touch a little more in the future
Garry Abel

Hi Classmates,

How are you all? Another year whizzing by...

Some of us are 50! Am tempted to type up the names. Most of you will be 50 in 2014.

The ANNUAL DRINKS are happening, yay!

Same date, Saturday 28th December 2013

2pm kick off

Venue to be advised, watch this space :)


Annual drinks!          2.00pm kickoff

Yearly drinks to say hello and to keep in touch. Meet in the shady outdoor area. Access from the carpark (entrance opposite IGA) or through the pub if coming in from Summer St or McNamara Lane. Get your drink at the bar first. I hope the cicadas are gone by then!
281 Summer Street, Orange, New South Wales 2800


Hi Classmates,

I sincerely hope you are all well and have had a great year.

Looking ahead, the annual drinks and get together is the Saturday between Christmas day and New Year and it falls on Boxing Day this year.

Meeting at Kelly's Pub from 3pm onwards. Usual venue, usual crowd, new faces very welcome lol


I do apologise for the very short notice. I have had massive upheavals in my life this year and am slowly getting back on track. At this stage I have no idea if I am able to make it this time, I'll see what the day brings.

Merry Christmas to you and your families, all the best for 2016 and cherish your family time xoxo